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Kids & Car Rides

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Kids & Car Rides

How do the kids handle the long drives?

Well, our kids handle the drives just fine (for the most part). 


#1 rule:: We never ever EVER drive more than 5 hours at a time! 5 hours is like the absolute max that we will do... and most times, we try and keep the drive around 3 hours. They are always fine with the 3 hour limit and we rarely have to stop for potty breaks and snacks if we keep it all under 3 hours. We also try to plan around nap times although no matter what time it is... Maddox and Sutton are going to sleep. It's clock work.. Willow is the one we have to try and get to nap during the drives!

#2 rule:: Willow wears a pull up during any rides. She's almost 4 and yes she's potty trained. BUT, She has this thing... as soon as she gets in the car, she's gotta potty. She does that too, when we go out to eat. It's the most "REALLY??!" thing ever. Although she's potty trained and has been for some time, she wears a pull up in the truck. That's just the rule. And when we stop and take her pull up off, it's usually dry because she reallllyy doesn't have to go.. she just likes to check out random bathrooms! 

#3 rule:: Snacks are a must. Let me just admit that I suck at the whole... mom packs healthy snacks and drinks and stuff and everyone is happily ever after. No, not the case AT ALL. It's usually like... hey lets just stop at the gas station and grab whatever looks good at the time. BUT I swear I'm working on getting better at that! And when I do, I'll share my tactics and snacks with everyone bc in the car... SNACKS ARE LIFE. We all know this by now.

#4 rule:: Technology wins this one... we get a new movie! Whatever the kids decide on.. we get. And usually there's some good movies on sale at Wal Mart or Target for like 5 bucks and we grab a few because when we're traveling... the whole "limit their technology" thing is thrown out the window! Seriously, if it means a few hours of peace for Adam and me... we're doing it. We have a laptop in the truck with us that they can watch a dvd on.. and if they randomly decide they hate that movie (because kids do that) then we will hook up the personal hotspot and they get to scroll through Netflix until they're satisfied. Car rides are also the time we adults can get some work done... phone calls, editing, filing motions in court, all that kinda jazz.. gets done in the car. So, quiet time from the kids is 100% necessary. 

#5 rule:: It's not a big deal to pull over. We rarely HAVE to be somewhere at a certain time sooo if we see dinosaurs on the side of the road and a huge sign that says "Dinosaur Exhibit Next Right"... well, we're taking it! Maddox loves dinosaurs and we can always use some time to stretch our legs out and get some fresh air... so we're taking that exit! What better way to teach our kids about stuff to? So, if a little stop will benefit your kids and your own brain, why not stop?!


There's so much to see in this country... taking the back roads and taking random exits because something looks cool is just a little part of it. Slow down and enjoy your surroundings! You never know what you'll run into. && besides, seeing our kids freak out in random dinosaurs parks on the side of the road is just the coolest!