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Road Snacks

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Road Snacks

So you don't have to keep eating junk from gas stations... (although I sometimes love that junk...)

I asked on my Instagram stories for all the mamas and daddies to provide me their "road snacks"..

I've never been that person to pack a healthy lunch on the go for myself and honestly, I haven't done it for my kids either BUT IT'S TIME! Those long drives make me sooo hungry and we always end up stopping at any stores we see to grab some junk food and I always feel bad after eating it! I've got to change this up and start doing better. Honestly, I just haven't cared lately but I'm working to get back in the groove, the health groove that is.

Alright, so a lot of people carry a cooler with them in their vehicles and it hit me that we have an entire fridge on the outside of our rig sooo from now on, that's going to be our drink/snack fridge for the travel days!

Here's a list together of all the good goods that our sweet followers shared with us!

-cut up green apples (coated with lemon juice to keep them from browning) with a pack of peanut butter or nut butter for dipping. 

-Nuts/dried cranberries or other dried fruit mixed together

-crackers and string cheese (or any cheese) - always a staple snack for me

-apple sauce/ fruit pouches

protein oatmeal balls (peanut butter, oats, honey, chocolate chips, protein powder) YES PLEASE.

-gummy worms/mm's because we all need sweets, don't fool yourself.

-larabars & freeze dried mangos (haven't tried this but sounds golden!)

-baby carrots and ranch

[all pretty decent sounding huh??]

Then of course, one of my followers --> @nomadsinharmony sends me this & I had to share cause we all need a laugh every now and then!

"multi pack of chips such as doritos, lays, lots of cheetos (aren't sticky orange fingers fun in the car) Snack size donuts esp powdered. White wash the entire back seat why don't ya, kiddos? Snack size bags of oreos, kit kats, snickers nestle crunch, reese's buttercups. They need to be sugared up so they can be loud and crazy to keep mama from falling asleep at the wheel!"


Which honestly... her ideas were pretty much accurate to what we do eat on the road! I swear I'm going to try and do better though.. road days are already long, so eating unhealthy doesn't help the situation. Those protein balls are going to be my jam on our next trip. There's several different kinds on the internet so you can make them how you want!

I hope this helps some!! It definitely gave me some good idea because my mom brain just isn't working these days to come up with things on my own! 

If you have any other ideas, please share with me! I'm sure we'd all appreciate it!!