Disney & After

Hi friends! 

Whew! We are glad to be out of Disney! Naa.. it wasn't that bad. We spent 4 days there anddddd pretty much saw nothing/hardly any characters. Apparently, when you take your kids to Disney, you need to plan! (Maybe everyone else already knows that??) We all know by now that Adam and I are the WORST at that. Soooo... NUMBER 1 RULE: get fast passes!!!! What is that?? yea.. we didn't know either! And when we booked the place (a few days in advance), nobody mentioned those.. or maybe they did and I wasn't paying attention because I had three kids screaming in the background and was just like, "yea, yea, ok, got it". But I'm here to tell you... YOU NEED THEM. There's a disney app.. and from there, you can find all the characters, all the rides, and the shows, and places to eat. AND THE FAST PASSES. You pretty much sign up for what you want to do, and it even has a little planner on there to plan your whole day. HA, YEA RIGHT. not for the Millers. I did plan some stuff but missed most of it because we couldn't figure out how to get to anything (even though there is a walking gps map on the app to show you). I'm telling you... we are just REALLY bad at this. So, anyway... you can't get fast passes to everything because people plan this stuff in advance- like a year ahead (no lie) and they will "sell out".  Although, they are FREE. That was a shocker to us, too. So yes, fast passes are where it's at. They get you ahead of everyone else waiting in the "regular" line... which I didn't really understand since fast passes are free... whyyyy doesn't everyone have them?????


Anyway... enough about those, just know you need them. Another thing we didn't understand was like.. this is DISNEY WORLD!!! We thought we'd see all the characters just walking around.... maybe a few of each so the kids would get to see one if they missed the other.. whatever.. yea, NO. This wasn't the case. The characters were in buildings, behind doors, down halls, being seen by soooo many people standing in line. WAIT, WHAT?!! They weren't just out and about handing out those big fun balloons (those cost $11.00 btw).. taking pics every time they turned around?!! NOPE. had to wait in line for them.. some lines were hours long. (not exaggerating). But this is a kid place.. happiest place on earth supposedly.. my kids were not happy waiting in any line for any long amount of time. We tried though. We tried a few lines... then when the characters had to take breaks.. which just so happened to be right when we decided to get in the line.. we were like... oh sorry kids, they had to go to the potty.. and we'd distract them with some kettle corn and get lost trying to find the next character. We did get to see Pluto though! And we also got to see Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Goofy (who really scared Maddox)- We got fast passes to see them or else we wouldn't have waited- regular line was insane-fyi!  Buttt... our biggest goal was to see some of the princesses... we waited in line for about 20 minutes outside.. then the line went into a building that was a good 90 degrees in there... with about 100 other people all around us. I couldn't breathe, it smelled, and there were some seriously misbehaved kids behind us (can't totally hate their parents for letting them act like fools when they're standing in a line for so long, eh) but really.. not our cup of tea. We tapped out. Tried to warn all the other parents in line outside, that inside was dying hot! But they were getting their 1 minute of fame with the princesses! Not us, we went and bought Willow a tiara and Maddox a sword and called it a day! They were happy.  On our way out, Adam ran to the bathroom where he saw Snow White in some random corner with a very small line waiting and came back to tell us. So, we all ran over there before everyone realized she was there, and Willow was thrilled!!! Made our day that we saw ONE princess! Then we were out. So there you have it... our trip to Disney! ha, not so magical, I know. We didn't think so either. But maybe next time, we will plan wayyyy ahead and get fast passes and be alright! The kids are so young now, they don't care either way! 

BUT we did get to see some of our super good friends and that kinda made the trip for me. Hunter- a girl I did yoga teacher training with was with her family in Disney at the same time. She's one of those girls you just click with. She's so sweet and can light up any room, seriously. Oh and her family... I'm not even going to begin to write about how lucky she is to have SUCH an amazing, extraordinary fam! That needs it's own blog really.  But anyway, she met a guy online from Europe andddd flew over to meet him in person (don't worry, I tracked her every move so I knew the exact location to give the cops when he murdered her) **he didn't kill her**  they fell in love,  she brought him back here, he loves it here and loves her even more. That's more magical than Disney could ever be, right?! I can't even begin to explain this girl. I'm so so happy for her! We got to meet her boyfriend, Matt... and he's totally perfect for her! We all ate in China at Epcot (I think Epcot) and it was really yummy! So, that's really it. I wanted to try the Mexican but I'll do that next time, it smelled soooo good.  Anyways, always good to meet up with friends esp in different places.. Oh, and Hunter is like a Disney FREAK. Seriously... for a small fee, I'm sure she'd plan a full Disney trip and have you see everyone/thing there is to see! She's just one of those people that can do that kind of stuff! SO, if anyone needs her info, let me know and I'll hook you up! 

Sooo after our Disney trip, we wanted to go more South in Florida but unfortunately, everything was still booked up. We decided to head back North and stayed at a campground RIGHT ON THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. Seriously, if you're rving, its a must. It's called Beverly Beach RV Park. We loved it. We listened to the waves crash all night.. I woke up with the sun everyday. Took some pictures, did some yoga, meditated, met a friend (a bird), met some other full timers that have an airstream (they were great), and just relaxed. Exactly what we needed after that Disney trip. It was so nice just hanging out. We have another friend (Brian) from that area and suggested we eat at Houligans which was about 10 minutes away in Ormond Beach... THEY HAVE GLUTEN FREE WINGS!! and they were sooooooo delicious & spicy! Gah, they were good. So, if you're in the area, try it out! Houligans is actually a sports bar but it was really nice! Great atmosphere, everyone was SO nice, and the food, uh the food. My mouth is watering thinking about it! So check it out and let us know how you like it.  All around, great area- safe, beautiful, relaxing! 

We ended up driving back to the home town because Adam had to finish up some work, and we had to get the rest of our stuff out of the house.. Just small stuff that we didn't want to really deal with when we left the first time- we knew we'd have to go back for work so naturally, we put it off. -_-  Now, we're back in Florida enjoying the somewhat warm weather.  We're trying to stay as South as possible at the moment because we're so limited with the kids in the cold. I'll definitely be glad when the states warm up a bit! I'm sure we all will be! 

Until next time,