Hi! We have been nonstop lately. We seriously need to slow down! We went to Denver for 3 days then headed off to Breckenridge! We went for our honeymoon although we got married September 10! We wanted a ski trip for our honeymoon so we insisted on waiting! Breck was gorgeous! It was much bigger than we expected. The drive there was a little scary... We decided to rent our own car for the week because it's so much easier with two kids and all of our luggage. Although it was scary driving it... and I was totally white knuckled at some points, it was absolutely stunning! The snow on top of the mountains.. the mountains themselves!! They were just beautiful... Looked like something out of a book! 

Anyways, we found some pretty fun things to do while we were there including cross country skiing, sledding, we checked out the dog park, rode the gondola, and tried out some restaurants of course! Sledding may have been the most fun ever!! Willow actually got to ski for a little bit too, she thought she was something. Oh, and we got to go in a real igloo which I thought was really neat. It was all of our first times to even see one in real life. We had a blast! 

The only bad part was we all were sick a few times.. the elevation! My gosh, that town is high. Literally, high.. a mile above sea level and us coasties are not used to that! We didn't sleep well either.. So, I would suggest if your'e going anywhere in that direction to look up some good home remedies to stay well. My husband said he heard to take tums... of course, he told me that after we left! But try that out and let me know how it works!  I took a few photos when I wasn't trying to keep the babes warm! enjoy!