Nashville January 2017



So, we started our new year off with a trip to our favorite city, Nashville! We had such a blast.. it was freezing.. like 5 degrees and it snowed!! So, it was both of our children's first snow! Which they weren't fond of. It was TOO cold.. like, you're begging for a heater or maybe 20 degrees warmer?!! So cold, it hurt... I could barely press the button on my camera! Of course, I needed to get just a FEW pics of the kids though... We went to Centennial Park which is always just BEAUTIFUL, and when we get there.. Maddox fell asleep! (go figure) and Willow was not having the cold.. UNTIL we found some birds we could feed! She absolutely LOVED it, and forgot about the weather for about 5 minutes!! Maddy woke up just as we were leaving so we added him in a few snaps as well! We even found a nice lady to take a photo of Adam and myself! This park is such a peaceful place if you ever get a chance to get to Nashville. Of all the cities I've ever been to, this by far is MY favorite. It literally has everything you can think of. Great food, great people, live music ALWAYS, and a pure feel of just being. A piece of my heart will forever be in Nash & I'm so thankful my wonderful husband feels the same! Here's a few photos.. ENJOY!