We bought a bus!


So, Adam and I have had this vision for a few years now... to quit our jobs, sell everything and buy a bus. He's a lawyer and I'm a photographer. butttt because I love taking photos so much, I will continue to do that on the road and hopefully meet amazing people/places to photograph along the way!  At first, we wanted to get a sprinter van.. but after looking at a few, we decided it would be too small for our family. We now have three children and two dogs. So a sprinter was a no go for us. THEN, we looked at redoing an entire school bus. I didn't want something that big because I know it's difficult to maneuver in a city, but Adam was set on something big for the room/comfort. I read a lot of different blogs on what people travel in and the size of the families and how they made certain busses/rvs/sprinter vans work. I was still wanting something semi small. We were talking to a neighbor who thought we were insane to redo a school bus.. and I wasn't crazy on the idea mainly because of the time it would have taken to redo one. I am sooo ready to hit the road, so the least work possible is a bonus for me.  Anyways.. we weren't keen on a motorhome because we had one before and it rattled and just felt like a very light box going down the road. So we figured unless we're spending some serious cash, we aren't going to get a decent motorhome that WON'T rattle and sway at the slightest wind speeds. 

Sooo.. our friend/neighbor started sending us different motorhomes he was finding online. We didn't do much searching for them because we just knew that wasn't the way to go for us. Adam pulled out his phone and showed me some of the ones he was sent. I took a glance and said, 'lets go check that one out, it looks clean" so we called the guy and headed over to see it within the hour. It's a 1998 40ft Monaco Dynasty. Pulling up, I thought it looked way too old, but I was keeping an open mind. (After all, we were about to buy a school bus.) So entering it, I was surprised.. it was so clean, open, there were two large couches, no funky smells, very tall ceilings, a full shower, a separate potty room from the shower  and sink (HUGE BONUS), a good size bedroom, and a hall closet that we can turn into two bunks for the kids. The storage seemed endless! The best part is there were NO slide outs!!! Those always seem to be a problem at some point so we were so happy we wouldn't have to deal with any of that. ! Oh, and it had solar panels- We aren't very familiar with exactly how they work and how much they charge anything up but we are excited to figure them out! So long story short, we talked for about a second and gave each other that look (the look when you both know what the other was thinking) annddd we bought the bus and are thrilled! 

We are excited about the whole process! We are going to renovate the entire inside... Most busses are dated and considering this one is a 1998... well, enough said.  I just can't do the whole brown wooden theme everywhere.. and I'm not sure why anyone would do such a small space in dark colors anyway?! I need everything white, airy, and bleachable. is that a word?

Anyways..  Sooo we are taking it on ourselves.  We are going to tear out the floors, put all new flooring in... maybe that cute white/grey wooden flooring or a dark wood?? annnnddd the rest will be white! The walls, the cabinets, the curtains, everything white! Annnddd I may or may not need fairy lights in more than one place! (my guilty pleasure)  

Follow along and watch our progress.. I'm sure it'll be comical at times! We hope you enjoy this as much as we will! 


The Millers