It was a little scary

We have been living tiny for almost a year!

A year!! WHAT?! Yes… and guess what- it feels like it! This has been a lonnnngg year for sure. Seriously, it’s been long. They say the days are long, the years are short but this year, this year has been different. Not in a bad way either. We’ve grown a lot and have grown so close. Living tiny has taught us so much and traveling has been the bomb!

A few weeks ago though… we were over it. We were over living in the airstream and were ready to settle down. It was just too hot and too small and everyone was literally on top or underneath each other and we were smothering. To a point, it was unhealthy. We went to my favorite city- Nashville, and did a little research on homes and the first one we went to look at… we fell in love. It was a beautiful home on a beautiful piece of property, it had everything we could have dreamed of. There wasn’t one thing about the house that I hated and that says a lot because I’m pretty dang picky. It was private on quite a few acres and I could just see us raising our family here. We were so, so excited about this house & to settle down… ugh, was I ready!! You know those things you just can’t wait to get your hands on, and you get butterflies, and so giddy for something new… that was totally me, but guess what… the stars just weren’t lining up. Adam’s mom was sick and passed away, another opportunity came up in another city, and it just wasn’t adding up. The timing was off, the numbers were off, everything was off.

I was upset when I realized it wasn’t quite working out. I just knew. Had that gut feeling that I needed to just let it go and I honestly wasn’t quite ready to. In the midst of it all, I had a weird feeling. I was wondering if this was right? Would I be happy here, in this home, for the next several years, if not.. forever. Would I grow out of love with this home or what if there’s something better out there? How do you know?? You really don’t know. I never told Adam this feeling because I was just SO damn ready to be in an actual home, that I was ignoring that feeling… like it was just going to go away. (stupid girl)

Your body tells you stuff, and it tells you for a reason.. So when I started to really listen to my body, I had a sense of peace. That it’s not the end of the world. There’s several other homes that need a family and there’s always going to be. There’s also several other places we have yet to check off our list to visit. We haven’t seen half of what we long and set out to see. So, I stopped being mad, I stepped back, I took a deep breath, and realized.. this isn’t it. This isn’t the house and our journey isn’t over. As much as I was hating that damn airstream… it provided us a home. A happy home with lots of inside jokes because at some points, joking was all we could find ourselves doing. We laugh a lot but living in a 34 foot airstream was on another level of “WTF'“.

So when the house fell through, the Airstream was still there. But it was time, time to find it a new family and time for us to find something bigger that we can still tote around this country & that, we did. We found a 5th wheel that is seriously like a mansion to us! Isn’t that hilarious?!! Seriously, that a 5th wheel is huge to us?! I would have never said that years ago. Our appreciation for this space is everything. The kids have their own room and so do we. We have all the appliances we need and we also have the happiness that we were slowly losing, in the Airstream.

The good news, we have it all back now- our sanity and our space…. and I just want to say that “settling” was scary. It scared the hell out of me for a little while. The whole time we were supposed to be closing on this house, I was swallowing the frog in my throat hoping this was the right decision. I wasn’t 100% ready to settle. I have a job that I can do from the road and I’m able to travel to do what I love. Not a lot of people can say that, and to give that up to be tied down to a house that I’m obligated to be at… that’s just down right scary.

Just like it was scary to leave the house we had, to move into an rv.. It was all new to us.. to live tiny with 3 kids and 2 dogs… hahahahha WHAT?!! I mean, that’s what we wanted to do but it was still new to us… and to jump into any unknown is just weird and “eh”. So now… the thought of settling into a sticks and bricks, is the exact feeling I had when we first decided to do the whole tiny living thing. IT’S JUST SCARY. So for now, we will live in our new rv, enjoy the space and not be scared because this is normal to us.. to live life this way, it’s just natural now. In the 5th wheel, we feel like we can do this for A LOT longer… seriously.. and alll those places we still have to check out! We can’t be done just yet!

We will see though.. it’s just home to us. Home on wheels wherever we want to roll to, whatever we want to go to, and just be. We’re h a p p y where we are in life and I’m just so glad we didn’t get that damn house.