I Can See!

I have worn glasses and contacts since 4th grade, but not anymore!

I finally had enough and decided to get lasik! I’ve called quite a few places in the past, but the problem was always the timing. Most places.. you have to schedule a consultation, make sure you’re a candidate, then wait a week to a few weeks, (not wearing contacts at all) then go back to get the surgery done, oh and not to mention- most places only do surgery every other Tuesday or Friday between 12-4. So I was always like.. “ok never mind, I’ll never be able to schedule this and follow through.” I personally never know where I’m going to be! I’m always out of town for a photoshoot, a wedding, teaching yoga, or just making other plans. I was so over ordering contacts and getting headaches from glasses that I was at my breaking point. I was going to do whatever it takes to get this done!

So, I was driving one day and had had enough of my contacts messing up so Adam called Dr. Wang’s office for me… I heard him on the phone say “so there’s a chance she can do it all in one day?” and I instantly freaked out! Like WHAT?!! YUSSSSS BOOK IT, whatever we have to do.. so, he did! This was on a Thursday and they said they could do it the following Thursday as long as I took my contacts out immediately and wore glasses for the whole week. >>this was the longest week ever btw.


But I did it! I wore my glasses proudly and obviously counted down those days!

So I have to tell you how I ended up going with Wang Vision! Wang Vision is the place I wanted to go from the very beginning of my “want” for lasik.. I told Adam forever ago that I’d probably ONLY let Dr. Wang or his team preform this surgery on me! Although, I’m sure it’s a pretty standard procedure… I wanted the best and Dr. Wang is nothing short of that. You have to look him up to know everything he’s done in his lifetime, because I just don’t have THAT much time to type it all out, BUT I can tell you he’s a miracle worker and an outstanding doctor! I actually went to Wang Vision 7 years ago when I lived in Nashville for a routine eye exam, the doctors and the girls in his office THEN were all just beautiful people. They were so kind, welcoming, and sincerely WANTING to help others on their journey to see! So without a doubt, this is where I was determined to go! After all, these are my eyes!! Oh and I’ve made some pretty sweet lifelong friends here as well and guess what… 7 years later, his staff is the exact same! I’m not sure where he finds his employees, but he does a damn good job at it! They are the very people this world needs more of ♡

So lets talk surgery.

The day of…..

I honestly wasn’t nervous at all. I went in by myself because Adam had the kids… up to the 11th floor I went, the girls welcomed me like I had known them forever, I signed in, and the girls directed me to the waiting room until a kind man called me back to do a normal eye appointment-like routine. After waiting a short while, they determined that I was a candidate for lasik! Woohoo!! They gave me some numbing drops, and I hung out again in the waiting room, I enjoyed some snacks and a Dr. Pepper to pass the time, I read all of the articles he had framed in the room about procedures he had previously preformed, and I also started to read his book, From Darkness to Sight (I’m not done reading it, but so far.. it’s a super read). About 10 minutes later, I was called into a room to pick what plan to go with, (I got the year plan- a year of checkups and tweaks if necessary) then I was on my way!

I declined the valium because I’m just not a medicine taker BUT if I had to do it again.. I would totally take about 5 of them! (not really five, but probably what they offered)

They brought me back to the surgery room, I laid on this bed kinda freaking out internally, they gave me a blanket to comfort me and told me Dr. Wang would be in shortly. I think the blanket was supposed to help calm me but at the end of this thing, It was my very own sweat rag! Once Dr. Wang came in the room, I was a little more calm until he started the process. Then, it was like… no turning back. Let’s do this!

So he and a few other guys were in the room and I all the sudden shouted, “CAN SOMEONE HOLD MY HAND?!!” Dr. Wang told someone quickly and calmy “grab her hand and hold it, hurry!” so someone did. I wasn’t sure who it was because I was looking up into the machines but I was so thankful to squeeze someone’s hand! I’m the girl that needs the butterfly needle in any doctor’s office and a hand! Give me a hand, and I’ll get through whatever it is! So.. I had a hand and was looking into this machine.. there was a blinking light that I was told to look at while Dr. Wang put this thing in my eye to hold it open.. (I you tubed lasik surgeries so I knew this was happening but man that thing was freaky) I felt no pain, but it was a lot of pressure and to think this thing was holding my eye open was just …..weird! Dr. Wang squirted some liquid stuff in my eye and was explaining so well what he was doing, not that I was paying ANY attention to what he was saying'- I was trying but, I was just freaked out that a laser was about to make a “flap” with my eye ball!

 See the flap at the bottom?!

See the flap at the bottom?!

The laser started and I could smell the burning! I had heard that before, that you actually smell the burning, but when it was actually happening to me.. I was just thinking “oh man oh man, there’s the smell!” The guys would count down from 10 for me to breathe and keep staring at the blinking light. 10…9…..8….7…..6….. It was a lonngg 10 seconds, but I just kept thinking “I’ll be able to see, this is worth it, THIS is worth it, this is worth it!!” I had to keep telling myself this becuase the pressure of whatever was going on was making me sick to my stomach! Shortly after, we switched to the next eye… same thing happened (creating the flap) then back to the first eye..


This is where the laser was shaping my cornea, I was still having to stare into the red blinking light, then at some point.. I couldn’t see a thing! It was like I was blind (yes, they warned me about this so I wasn’t totally freaked out) .. it was quick and the light came back to me.. lots of pressure was going on and then Dr. Wang was putting the flap back over my cornea. It was so fast! Back to the other eye, and then it was done! I was all done!! I had to keep my eyes closed, the guys helped me sit up, Dr. Wang told me to open my eyes.. blink blink blink… then I COULD SEE!!!

I was still freaked out because the procedure to me was just traumatic (I’m a baby) so I wasn’t totally excited yet. I could see, but I was shaken. Things were a little blurry but that was normal. I saw the girls in the office and joked around that this was no piece of cake! They laughed and said “if we told you the truth, you wouldn’t have done it!” I laughed and shook my head, those girls seriously were awesome. They made me so feel so “at home” and made me feel much better about getting this done!

Adam & the kids came in to get me and I was so so happy to SEE them.. without contacts/glasses! All I wanted to do the whole time was SEE them! Ugh, I just wanted to cry when they walked in.. and I don’t even know if my tear ducts were working at the time but I felt like I was crying either way.

The whole way home and the rest of they day, I kept my eyes shut. My eyes burned like something else, like fire was in them! I wanted to cry the entire time afterwards because I was so scared during the process yet so happy I got it done. The burning though, it was unbearable!

The next day, I was good! My eyes burned a little but only because they were dry (which is normal) I had drops to take and artificial tears, as long as I used the tears, I was fine. After the next day, I was good. Everything was perfect and I was a happy girl!


Today, I can see 20/20. I wake up everyday and can’t believe I can see. I don’t have to find contacts or glasses to put on anymore! I can do my work (photography) without worrying if dirt, sand, or dust is going to get in my eyes and slow me down which means I can do an even better job!

 photo by my beautiful friend Amanda @suitcase.and.camera

photo by my beautiful friend Amanda @suitcase.and.camera

Yall, I couldn’t have picked a better doctor and team to go to, and if you want this done, I would 100% recommend going to Wang Vision Institute in Nashville. A day and a half of being uncomfortable is worth being able to see for the rest of my life!

Thank you Wang Vision Institute for your professionalism and your kindness! You guys are the best of the best!!

Below is a video that makes me so happy to see!!! Check it out!


 Dr. Wang & me right after the surgery!

Dr. Wang & me right after the surgery!

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