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Hi everyone, I hope all is well! Sooo.. we've been literally nonstop working on the bus! We are seeing the end of the tunnel finally! It's only been a little over a month since we started working on it but it feels like its been a year! ok, maybe not that long but still. Feels like forever! We've been lucky to have one of our friends keep Willow and Maddox a few days a week to help us out but she just took a full time job so we are doing the best with all of them being with us! We have come A LONG way though! We redid all of the floors (went with dark brown), we took out the table and chairs, the couches, and the nightstands in our bedroom. We put subway tile in the kitchen and vanity area. We put shiplap in our bedroom and in the bathroom. We painted everything white and put gold "T" shaped knobs throughout! It is really starting to look like something we would live in! We were going for the bright and airy look and we have done just that! We have a desk in our bedroom at home that we are thinking about making into the dining room table/desk for work. We also put a little pottery barn kids table and chairs in the bus already for Willow and Maddox to eat at, play at, whatever! Also, we still have to find a couch, a microwave, mattresses, and nightstands for our room. So, we are getting there for sure!! 

Meanwhile, back at the home front, we started going through the kid's stuff last night in their playroom and it was actually kind of sad to me. I mean, I'm happy to clean it out and see what we really need vs what we have for them and gosh we have gotten them a lot of stuff!! It's kind of like... wow, we are really doing this! ((SO EXCITING)) I, of course, got all their favorite stuffed animals and current toys that they love... and all the books we can possibly bring with us. I just wonder... are we doing the right thing? We know as adults that this is a huge change and the lifestyle will teach us so much and what an amazing experience but for the kids.. is this ok? To take them out of their home and away from their normal?.. I know they will get used to the bus life and all, but I wonder how fast they'll get used to it? and what if they hate it?  Like right now, they LOVE their own space.. they play a good bit in their play room by themselves.. they go curl up in their bed (they sleep together) at times and watch little shows together. They wont be able to do that in the bus. We made a little area for their stuff but obviously, its by no means, a playroom! We made them bunks so they won't even be able to sleep together anymore! (which I'm SO sad about!) I don't know.. it's just emotional!! I just hope we're doing the right thing!  Then, we've been getting rid of our furniture and have A LOT sold thanks to some friends and word of mouth! So, the house is slowly looking like... we won't be here much longer. We've sold stuff, donated stuff, and going to have a garage sale this coming weekend! Whatever is left, we are bringing to some consignment shops and hoping for the best. We realllyyy don't want to get a storage unit because that defeats our purpose of having almost no bills! Anyways.. all of the moving is really starting to feel like we're getting somewhere! 

On another note, I'm really torn about social media... I grew up camping with my family every chance we had, and I had sooo much fun playing in the woods, riding bikes, meeting friends from all over, and just exploring nature with my brothers and sister. Thankfully, Adam grew up the same way! We didn't have social media growing up & HONESTLY, I'm soooo glad we didn't!  We were raised and taught to play outside, build fires, whatever we could get into OUTSIDE, we did & we want our kids to have that exact same experience. I know technology is huge now and I struggle to even LIKE it, but I want my family to have a good balance and understanding that while technology is helpful and very important in life now days.. so is nature and finding yourself and living your own life. I find it hard to truly find yourself and know yourself while constantly scrolling through other people's lives. I just feel like you aren't living in the moment when you're sitting in front of a tv or your phone nonstop. I hate to even let my kids even watch tv for a little bit! I hardly ever let Willow have my phone...  We feel like it's nothing but a babysitter and that's actually what we use it for when we have to! ... when we REALLY have to get something done, is when they get tv time. Soooo.... I don't know, I think you just have to find a good balance. Our kids LOVE to be outside more than anything, which is wonderful considering we will spend MOST of our time outdoors besides when we are actually traveling of course! I put myself through a real challenge the other day and tried to document our whole day... putting stories on ig of a work day (which is everyday) at the bus. Looking back at the stories, it was funny to see the kids are really nonstop and we don't get much done at all in a day!  I did it to show others that we deal with the same day to day as everyone else with kids! Whether it's one kid or seven... its a job! and it's so hard at times.. well more so, overwhelming! But what surprised me is that social media is also a JOB! I'm not sure if I even liked it... it was very uncomfortable at first, and it took up SOOOOO much time!!! Which again, I think if you're showing people like hey we're just like you living this crazy life.. we're just going to do it on a bus.. I think that's great to inspire others that it CAN be done... but then it's like, how do you live in the moment and enjoy the moment when you're on your phone recording it all?!! I just don't get it! I actually like to blog because it's a good way for me to reflect on things and get it all out. You can sit and dedicate time to do it, and it's almost like a meditation to me. It's very different from ig or facebook live(I think that's what it's called.. I don't have fb).  I've had a very hard time "getting it" for years now!! Buttt a good friend of mine told me to try and change my mindset on it.. that it's not always a bad thing if you're using it to inspire others.. or give someone something to look forward to seeing, maybe a mother who just had a child and is dealing with depression can find some happiness in seeing that you CAN make the most out of life no matter what you're dealing with. And she's right.. I've read several blogs when I was dealing with difficulties in life and they did make me feel better.  So, I'm going to take her advice on it & be more open to social media. Share more of what we're doing and how we're dealing with life-- well, when I have time & can actually find my phone. If it inspires one person though, that makes me happy! I just want to spread happiness & kindness and at the end of the day, have gratitude for all things/people in my life. Than you Hunter for opening my mind & telling me it's okay to share more because some people may dig it! :)

So, that's what we've been up to lately and I hope you can find some happiness in this as I find it in writing it all down!  

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