The District

The District

It’s a coffee bar!

Yassss!!! Who doesn’t love a good coffee bar?!

And wait, where did this random idea even come from?!!

Ok, let me explain, after traveling around and realizing there’s a staple coffee bar in every little corner of every little AND big place.. I wanted to bring one to my hometown! So of course, there are already coffee shops in town that are great, but none with the same concept that I’m going for. I want somewhere that people can come to and study for tests, have business meetings, come to read a book or two, or just a social meet up that isn’t a bar! Because lets face it, not everyone is into alcohol and sometimes bars are just too loud and too much! I feel like Ocean Springs needs this anyway. It will do so well here too, I just know it! So why are we back?? Adam has been working a lot here lately and I’ve been racking my brain with something I could do here, too. Yes, I could teach yoga and do pictures for people (and I still do) but I just wanted something more. Yoga and coffee doesn’t sound too bad either, does it?? Which is something I may can work into this business down the road but for now.. I just wanted something! Something exciting and new, and something to expand my brain! The same day I became serious about this was the day I came across a building for rent. Talk about meant to be!

Aright, back to the talk, I want that cool, relaxed cozy feel with a super fresh look! After becoming a minimalist, I’ve realized that less is so much more and that’s what I’m going for! Just a bright, simple, and clean feel with good products. Like, really good local products.

Along with the design work that I LOVE so freaking much, I’m learning the ropes of the coffee industry as well. From where it’s planted, travelled, the history of the beans, and so on. I had NO idea the mass amount of information there is on coffee until a few months ago and wow, my mind is blown! I’m so appreciative to learn of something with so much history, it’s insane how much truly goes into this that most people don’t even think about, yet drink every day!


So with every business comes a name! That’s the fun part, right?! But really, it’s kinda hard to come up with the perfect name!! I tossed around a few names that came to me first but of course, they were “girly” lovey dove names or maybe just names that guys wouldn’t exactly want to “use” ….. in other words, they were shot straight down… by my brutally honest husband -_- but he’s probably right in the long run… I just don’t see too many manly men saying they’re going to “LOVE, COFFEE” to grab their drinks. but for us women, how cute would that be?! Naturally, I wanted to play off my blog but that wasn’t happening. So… I had to come away from what I wanted and figure out what’s better for the community// women AND men! So since Ocean Springs (the city this is going in) just recently created the Entertainment District in their downtown area so alcohol could be brought outside of businesses and golf carts could be driven… I figured The District would be the perfect name! It kind of reminds me of a simple word… COMMUNITY. And community is what this is all about! To bring people together in a sweet setting to drink the good stuff, and that is exactly what we will do!

In the meantime before opening up The District, I will be learning all (or most) of what there is to know about these beans and making a pretty place for all of us to hang out!

stay tuned for opening dates, pics, and more info!

Thanks so much!!


of course i have a shiplap wall!

of course i have a shiplap wall!