New Flooring!

New Flooring!


So we recently updated our floors in our airstream and I'll tell you why! I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and it NEVER felt clean enough in here. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED our other floors.. they were camel colored parquet floors, and would have lasted forevverrr! BUT they just weren't going with our colors. Maybe if we had white couches and no other brown, they would have worked, but since our couch cushions are camel, it was just too much. So we simply changed them! The best part is.. it only took us two days! I mean... we are working with a tiny space but still... 2 days to transform some floors = gold!

Anyway.. soooo many people have asked us what we used SO I'm here to share it all!

This is what we used------

**STAINMASTER 1- Piece 6-in x 24-in Groutable Chateau Peel- and- stick Concrete Vinyl Tile**


We went with the peel and stick floors... why?? Because they are very light weight and super easy to install!  The price isn't bad either. (($1.28/piece)) We only know of these floors because we used the same ones (diff color) in our first remodeled bus. We loved them then, so we figured we'd go with what we know!

So, since we have navy blue lower cabinets and camel colored couches, I wanted the lightest colored floors we could find. When we went to Lowes, they only had one lighter color option and it was a gray with variations of creams and a tiny bit of brown. To be honest, I wasn't totally in love at first. I felt like they may look cheap, butttt it was the only light color they had. I knew if I hated it, we could easily take them up and go with another type from somewhere else. So we went with this one hoping for the best! (honestly, I couldn't have gone another day with our floors feeling dirty so anything was better at that moment! --- yes, I was to that point!)

The process- We got home and removed all of the trim. Then, we cleaned our floors really good with some vinegar cleaner. We use vinegar to clean everythinngggg! It's safe for kids and dogs... it oddly leaves a good scent and kills yucky germs! So we went over the floors twice with that and got to peelin and stickin! We started in the corner of the two couches. We figured that's a good place to start because it's the first place you see when you walk into the airstream. (well, kinda) So, we finished the living room first. Easy peasy stuff. It took like 20 minutes to lay it all down. Crazy, right?! We LOVE this stuff. The best part to me is that you can cut these planks with normal scissors. So, any corners or weird edges... you can cut around. I'd suggest getting good sharp scissors but normal ones WILL do the job.


Ok anyway.. we worked our way through the tiny kitchen,  into the hall way, then lastly.. the bedroom. It only took three boxes and we actually have a little under half left from one box. You CAN buy the pieces individually. We just didn't feel like counting how ever many it would have taken, and we figured we could save some pieces in case one came up or messed up or whatever. Oh, and 36 pieces come in one box, just fyi.


After we laid all of the flooring down, we put the trim back and voila! It's all done! Now, we have new pretty flooring that goes great with our space.. easy to clean and just overall, feels great! 


We heard (before we used them ourselves) that these floors have a really strong smell to them. We didn't have any issues with ours and we're pretty weird about that kinda stuff. We would definitely let others know if that were an issue, but for us, it was not. Also.. the floors are super sticky when you unpeel them so YES they will stick to another floor if you're trying to cover one up. We put them right over our parquet floors and have had no issues at all. 


Side note- make sure you push them as close together as you can to avoid any separation when you move on to the next row. Oh and get your kids to dogs to WALK WALK WALK all over them to make sure they are secured and stuck to the ground they're covering! (just some little tips we learned along the way)

Hope this helps && good luck from The Millers!