Summer Yoga Feels

Happy summer days friends!!

Wow, it has been crazy hot.. I don't remember Summers being this humid and unbearable. -_-  Maybe it has to do with being pregnant AND chasing my little babes around lately, or maybe it's just that hot! Anyways, life has been crazy lately (as always) I'm in the third trimester of pregnancy, staying on top of my photography business which I LOVE, and I'm still getting through my yoga teacher training.. two months left and it's still the best decision I've ever made! I never thought I'd learn as much as I have since starting this school... I've changed my entire outlook on life- I am so much more content & proud of this story that I've lived. I've grown so close to so many amazing people as well. The last class, my sweet (and probably closest) friend in the class had a panic attack and broke down in the middle of a mantra and couldn't breathe and I went to reach for her to hold her and my teacher told me to "let her be", "let her go" and it was such a hard thing to do. I couldn't believe how hard it was! I started crying myself because my heart just hurt for her. I thought my teacher was crazy to not let me comfort her and make sure she was ok...I knew my friend had been through SO much pain and heartbreak in the past few weeks that I was actually scared for her.. that she wasn't going to be ok.  I didn't realize until later that my teacher was teaching me to let people sit in their own space alone, that it's ok to cry and to be hurt and to sit in your own emotions. For so long, I've comforted friends and even strangers at times to "make everything better" and now I realize you don't have to do that... Sometimes people only get better with sitting in their own emotions & getting through that no matter how hard it may be. So after the class, I saw others go up to my friend and hug her and comfort her but I was so touched by what my teacher taught me in that moment that I wasn't even ready to give my friend comfort. I still felt like she needed space so I just let her be and get it all out. It was AMAZING and I don't think I'll ever forget that moment and lesson that I was taught. I too had a breakdown that same day and appreciated the space that others gave me. It made a big difference. We are all so quick to pick up our phones to distract us from something bothering us or to find SOMETHING to keep us busy and not have to deal with our emotions that it's actually nice to actually just sit in "our own shit" -(things my teacher says...she's the realest and best!) and get it all out. My teacher says "we don't do yoga, yoga undoes us" and that line couldn't be more true. Everything we learn helps us peel back another layer of us that we didn't know we were all holding onto or maybe just weren't ready to shed away. We've all witnessed growth in our classes and it's so neat to see people experience change right in front of each other and to be so vulnerable and open.

     We all have a story.. we all have a choice.. we can choose to carry our story around with us in a wheel barrow and let it define us and possibly hold us back OR we can look at our story, get what we can out of it, dump it, and move forward. I think we all have this major choice to make & the best thing about it is... we aren't wrong for either one. If you want to carry something around because you simply aren't ready to let it go.. then hey, that's ok too. Maybe one day you can find a purpose from your story...take something positive from it and set yourself {f r e e}.  It's all up to us- whether we decide to hold onto or let go of whatever it may be- it's all beautiful even when it's ugly... we grow from everything we go through so don't be too hard on yourself!  ♡MM

ps- We are reading a book called "On Fire" this month, I'm not finished with it yet, but so far it's super great/easy to follow along if you're looking for a good & inspirational read!