Love, Mae Miller
Love, Mae Miller


I'm Meagan or Mae or MM.. whatever you wanna call me.

I’m a mama of 3 humans & 2 pitties and live the rv/travel life with my little fam.

I snap photos & teach yoga on the road while my other half practices law. (good balance, right?!)

Our goals are to see parts of this country we have no idea exists and to just simply appreciate what's out there.

A little secret of ours:: we make it a point to take the back roads when we can & guess what— we never ever regret it!

We decided we were tired of being tied down living the average day to day life in a house filled with stuff, so we sold it all to go tiny! We have lived in and remodeled an old diesel pusher bus A N D a vintage Airstream- sold both of those and now have a fifth wheel that feels like a mansion! We have realized that being full time in an rv means we need all the room we can get with our crew. The kids now have their own bunk room and a loft to sleep in, and we have a dishwasher and our own bedroom!!! Eeekk... you have no idea how exciting this is for us!



 Our family is definitely organized chaos but we wouldn't change it for the world. We honestly enjoy the noise (most of the time). We are so excited to be on this journey- knowing there's more to life than Iphones & that daily routine filled with boring ole inside! We got tired of letting the days just go by so we made the change!

 Follow us, get lost with us, enjoy the simple things.➳